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Green Field

~ Kasama Natin Ang Diyos
~ The Traps of Pride
~ Good Advice for Godly Living
~ A Good Beginning
~ God's Work is Teamwork

~ Building God's Temple
~ fulfilling God-given Assignment
~ The Solution to Self Centeredness
~ The Dedication of the Temple


~ How To Handle Success
~ Remain Humble to the Lord
~ The Tragedy of Compromise
~ Living A Life Of Wisdom

~When Fear Controls Your Life
~ Tactics Of The Enemy
~ Present Day Benefits Of Christ's Resurrection
~ Beware of Pride

~ Self Confidence: The Deceit Destroyer
~ Where Is Your Loyalty
~ Don't Miss Your Chance
~ A Life Wasted~ From Bad to Worse

~ The Place Called Cherith
~ Testing At The Place Called Zarephath
~ When You Don't Understand Why
~ Characteristics of an Effective Servant of God


~ Flee From Idolatry
~ The Prayer of Faith
~ When You Feel Like Giving Up (Part 1)
~ When You Feel Like Giving Up (Part 2)
~ Refocus Your Focus


~ Responding to God's Call
~ When God Fights Your Battles
~ The Seriousness of Disobeying God
~ The Deadly Sin of Greed

~ When God Delays His Judgment
~ Attitudes Towards The Truth
~ Ruined Lives
~ When Christians Make Mistakes

~ God is a Righteous Judge
~ Barrenness to Fruitfulness
~ Kick Against The Pricks
~ The Trials of Life


~ Thriving Life (Part 1)
~ Thriving Life (Part 2)
~ When You Are At Your Lowest Moments



~ Moving Beyond Your Past

~ Painful Now, Fruitful Later

~ The God of the Impossible

~ God's Sovereignty


~ Trusting God Even When it Hurts

~ Trusting God Even When it Seems Impossible

~ Trusting God Even When He Says 'No'

~ Trusting God Even When You Don't Understand


~Behave Yourself Wisely

~ Reckless Love of God

~ Mercy for a Messy Life

~ Trusting God's Goodness

~ Serving God P1


~ Serving God P2

~ Serving the Lord with Your Family

~ The Greatest in the Kingdom of God

~ Process of Calling


~ The Place Called Unknown

~ The One Who Holds Our Future

~ Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagworship

~ No Pain, No Gain


~ Mind: The Battle Ground

~ Guard Your Heart

~ Shield of Faith

~ Fasten Your Belt


~ Sword of the Spirit

~ The Sandals of the Gospel

~ The Place Called Insignificant

~ The Place Called Marah


~ The Place Called Crossroads

~ The Place Called The Valley of the

      Shadow of Death

~ A Place Called Lo-Debar

~ The Place Called Midian

~ At the Right Time


~ Fully Surrendered Life

~ The Meaning of Life in a Meaningless World

~ Faith in Every Season of Life

~ In the Face of Uncertainty

~ Finishing Well


~ Antidote to Pride

~ Thriving or Surviving

~ Pivotal Moments

~ The Courage to Stand


~ The Enduring Patience of God

~ Honoring the God who Controls your Life and Destiny

~ The Power to Live with the Lions

~ Daniel: A Man of Quality


~ When God says "It's Time to Move"

~ Thinking Outside the Box

~ Shaken Faith and Shattered Hope

~ Sitting on the Fence

~ The Promise Claimer



~ From Mountain Top to Mountain Top

~ Journeying Faithfully Through The Dark Times

~ When a Wound is Better than a Kiss

~ The Supremacy of God


~ The Supremacy of God over Your Life

~ When Things become Unproductive

~ Walking in God's Will

~ Obey God Even When it Doesn't Make Sense


~ The Attitude of Gratitude

~ There is Death in the Pot

~ The Lord Who Promised

~ Keeping a Proper Perspective

~ The Gehazi Syndrome


~ The Ax Head Principles

~ The God I Know

~ Desperate Times

~ Don't Give Up in the Storm


~ The Window of Opportunity

~ God's Purpose, God's Choice

~ Watch Your Weak Moments

~ I Did it My Way


~ The Price to Pay

~ Gaining God's Approval

~ When You Get to the End of Your Rope

~ The Mysterious Ways of God

~ Labor of Love


~ When You Feel Unloved

~ Avoiding Comparison Traps

~ The God Who Keeps His Promises

~ Sweet Words in a Time of Turmoil


~ Finding Security in God

~ The Place Called Mizpah

~ Lessons from Mahanaim

~ Breaking Before Blessing


~ From Alienation to Reconciliation

~ God Delights in Obedience

~ When Disappointments Collides with Hope

~ When Everything is Going Wrong in Your Life

~ Jacob: The Man Who Finished Strong


~ When Can We Have Hope When Everything

      Looks Hopeless?

~ Making an Impact, Being an Influence

~ Sacrifices that Please God

~ God Honors Those Who Honor Him


~ Speak Lord, for Your Servant is Listening

~ Telling the Truth Even When It Hurts

~ Superstitious Trust

~ Ichabod


~ The Hand of God

~ When Crying is Not Enough

~ The Rock of Remembrance

~ Raising Godly Christian in an Ungodly World

~ The Righteous Acts of the Lord


~ Walking in God's Standards

~ Living a Surrendered Life

~ The Challenge of Change

~ Let Your Light Shine


~ The Test of True Faith

~ The Act of Extravagant Love

~ Greed: Sin Ignored by Christians 

~ The Faithful Servants


~ Different Kinds of Servants

~ Second Chance

~ How is Your Heart?

~ Great Pretenders

~ The Mysterious Activity of God


~ Seed of Greatness

~ The Empty Tomb

~ The Influence and Growth of Christ's Kingdom

~ God's Solution of Salvation


~ God's Greatest Treasure

~ The Tragedy of Rejecting Salvation

~ Trained for the Kingdom of Heaven

~ The Parable of Straying Sheep

~ The Good Shepherd


~ Dutiful Servants

~ The Value of Forgiveness

~ Go and Do The Same

~ Praying with Shameless Persistence


~ Kingdom Values

~ There's No Excuse for Making Excuses

~ The Price Tag of Discipleship

~ When God's Grace Prevails Over Man's Sin


~ Lost In The Dust

~ God's Grace in Our Mess

~ Prodigal Steward

~ Where Will You Spend Eternity

~ That's Not Fair! No, That's Grace


~ Keep On Praying!

~ God I Thank You That I'm Not Like The Other People!

~ Kingdom Investments and Rewards

~ The Real Outcasts


~ The Greedy Tenants

~ Come for Everything is Now Ready

~ The Time Has Almost Come

~ Are You Ready for Christ's Return?


~ Live Well, Live Wisely

~ While You're Waiting

~ Step Out! Risk! Live Dangerously!

~ The Judgment Day

~ Mga Ipinagbabawal Na Teknik


~ Mga Ipinagbabawal na Teknik P1

~ Mga Ipinagbabawal na Teknik P2

~ Mga Ipinagbabawal na Teknik P3

~ Contentment in a Materialistic Society

Wheat Field

~ Moving from Surviving to Thriving
~ The Languages of Obedience to God
~ The Faith That Saves
~ When You're Facing the Impossible
~ Stones of Remembrance
~ On the Winning Side
~ Breakthrough
~ Beware of Failure after Great Victory
~ Turn Your Scars into Stars
~ When Everything Seems to be Going Well
~ Si Lord Lang Malakas
~ Nothing Shall Stand Against You
~ You and God are Majority
~ The Resurrection and the Life
~ It's Not How You Start; It's How You Finish
~ Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future
~ Caleb, Followed God With His Whole Heart

Jesus, Our City of Refuge
~ The Calling In Which We are Called
~ When People Collide
~ Don't Take God's Grace For Granted
~ The Choice Is Yours

~ The Seriousness of Disobeying God
~ We Could Not Drive Them Out
~ Some People Never Learn
~ Grace in Groaning

~ Destined for Greatness
~ Fight Your Battles
~ Seeing Things Through God's Eyes
~ Worrier or Warrior?

~ Failed to Finish Well
~ Selfish Ambition
~ Becoming A Light In The Darkness
~ Prone to Wander
~ Rejected for a Purpose

~ Even When It Hurts
~ The Dangers of Pride
~ Make Your Life Count
~ Understand Your Calling

~ When Emotion Rules
~ Red Light, Green Light
~ Unmasking Delilah
~ Right In Their Own Eyes
~ If The Lord Is Not In Charge


~ When People Refuses to Recognize God's Leadership
~ When We Lose Connection to God
~ Sad Ending
~ Through the Darkest of Times


~ A Bright Light In Dark Times
~ Deeper Relationship With God
~ Our Kinsman Redeemer
~ Eternal Life