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Life Group

       New Life Christian Fellowship is a cell church.


       As a cell church, we place a great importance on both cell meetings and Sunday Celebration.  Both the cell group and Sunday Celebration is the church. While the Sunday celebration is a large assembly of worshipers in New Life, our cell groups are small - house to house gathering for the purpose of edification, discipleship and evangelism.


       Cell Groups are the best place to connect at New Life, if you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Each Cell Group is small in number, so that there is a sense of family within the group, and it is designed to help you develop significant relationships with others, who can encourage and challenge you to consistently apply the truths of God's Word to each area of your life.


For anyone attending the Sunday celebration, who would also like to join one of our cell groups, please ask at the ushers desk, before or after the Sunday service, or, alternatively, either call in personally at the New Life office or contact the no. provided below.

How to Join?

Contact : +63 942 071 2545
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